"I'll tell you what, you are on the ball.  I call and you answer.  That means a lot"

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We are a creative marketing web design firm, eager to help your business get online with your NEW website or redesign. We are ready to help your business flourish online, and we have tools and expertise to make it happen quickly and affordably.

As a small business owner, we recognize that price is very important to you. That's why we work very hard to keep our prices extremely competitive so you can keep more money in your pocket when launching your website.

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I started MGA Marketing & Design with one purpose in mind!  THE CLIENT

Over the past 15 years, I've been working in Sales, Advertising, and Marketing. What I noticed was that in every company I was around, they were only in it for the profits.  Profits are not a bad thing, but I would find sales reps who weren't trained properly with Digital services and really only went after what made them the biggest commission; NOT necessarily what was best for the client.
Vice Versa, the companies didn't train their reps on much of the services they were providing. They just incorporated the 'Vegas' sales approach and had the reps call on a large numbers of clients hoping a percent of those would buy! 
Both approaches just left the clients with terrible customer service and even worse performance on their website's design and unsuccessful advertising campaigns.


When I was in college I attended a scholar event in St Louis, Mo (Meet Me In St Louis - underrated Christmas movie - a tradition in my house) - sorry for my tangent. But I overheard one of my classmates talking with a student from another University we became friends with at the event that weekend.
I heard him ask, "So what's Jeremy like when hes not around all of us?"  and she responded with, "Oh, Jeremy?!  What you see is what you get."
I smiled at that and always took it with me for all my years after that.  I pride myself on just telling it like it is, and just being me.  I feel it has helped me along my way in this industry especially.  I get told many times over the years that I am not like other "salesman" or I don't sound like some 'techy' talking over their heads.

Im just me, real guy who grew up in a little 'Village' in Central PA with about a 400 person population.  My closest "in town" was only about 6000 people.  My parents retired from working the Chef-Boy-Ardee factory after 40+ years (my older brother is still there).  I tend to fit in with a lot of my clients and am able to mesh with their personalities.

Being Real Establishes Trust. Trust Leads to Influence. Influence Helps Understanding

I had always come up with sayings in my head, but most of them were true.  If you are a 'robot' on the phone or memorizing a script, most business owners now days see right through that.  They know you are full of it!  So I was always told my approach was just refreshing, like they knew me for a long time.  That's why i feel I am different than most sales or marketing companies.  I don't just say "I truly care about my customers", but I actually preach it!!

I've been through a lot of things in my life, good, great, and awful.  But I wouldn't change a thing to be where I am at today with my family, my livelihood, and my client base
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What Does MGA mean?

Half the fun of starting your own business is coming up with a name.  You want something that will brand your business, be professional, and still have personal meaning.

I went through a laundry list of ideas in naming my business and personal brand. But nothing stood out to me until I looked at my wife and little girl!

My wife and decided that we would Home School our daughter even before she was born.  We discussed it long and hard, and my wife being amazingly intelligent and talented, I know I wanted my daughter to reflect her as much as possible. In North Carolina you have to name your Home School.  So it was named Magnolia Grace Academy

Magnolia - My wife loves magnolia trees, and for her first Mothers Day I planted her the first magnolia tree in out yard to represent her love for the tree, being a mother, and our first (and only) child.

Grace - We believe there is one true Lord who died on a cross and saved us from our sins.  It is his because of his grace we are able to home school and run my own business.

Academy - ...another word for school

Whats that have to do with Web Design and Marketing?

Hold on baby birds, I'll feed you! I'm getting to that.

I decided I wanted to keep that brand going and MGA just rolled off my tongue.

Magnolia Grace Advertising Web Design & Marketing

Making advertising great again!