"I Don't Need a Website, It's All Word of Mouth!"

Word of Mouth is the best form of advertising you will ever have.  If you own a small business you realize this already.  Who doesn't love getting a referral from friends or family, or even a happy client or neighbor?

But what about that next step?  It's Hardly ever thought of is it?!?!

There are 2 things Word of Mouth can't account for:

1) They will refer you, not your number!! 
Most people will gladly give out your name, but hardly do they remember your phone number or even email address to get in touch with you.  Most times they'll just say look it up!

10-20 years ago, that might meant the phone book.  Now, 97% of the time its GOOGLE!

2) Word of Mouth Can't Catch Up!

Growth is taking place all over North Carolina, especially in the Triangle.  There is actually a very small % of your total customers that come from W.o.M.  But there is HUGE potential to be found the next time that person says, "look them up."

Whether is ease of finding you online, or the difficulty in finding your competitor if they are not online.  Either way, be there when they give it a GOOG!

A Website Is Just As Important As Having A Phone Number!!!!
Shoot, I Need A Site Now
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"I Have A Website Already!"

Almost everyday for the last 13 years I hear it!
Not All Websites Are Created Equal!
Some questions you may want to ask yourself (its OK we talk to ourselves all the time)
  • Are you 100% happy with your website? 
  • Is your website working for you? 
  • Is it following all the policy's and procedures for best website practices by Google Webmasters? 
  • Is is mobile ready? 
  • Is it secure?
  • Is it ranking properly?

The only constant is change, and that is especially true online.  Things are always changing.  Websites are like that needy somebody you know: you can't just build a website and forget about it or else it will become obsolete as soon as you launched it!

Don't make the mistake thinky your website is "Good Enough":
  • IT's ALIVE - If You haven't touched it in a while, its needs updated consistently
  • ZOOM IN; ZOOM OUT - If it's not mobile responsive, you are already way behind!
  • WARNING - If your site is unsecured, by July 2018 it will come with a warning to all consumers trying to click on it!
"If you think its expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur!"

MGA makes things affordable and simple to understand!  You aren't just a number or another 'website in the factory', we work with you to best represent what you want for your business.  Always there!

OK Then, Yes Get In Touch With Me
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"I Can't Afford It!"

I haven't even given you a price yet!
Not All Web Companies Are the Same

Some web and marketing companies are just interested in volume clients and charging as much as they can - it's why you get sold things you don't always need (or know what they are).  Not that profits is a bad thing, I mean, why did we start our business?
1) So we didn't have to work for someone else.
2) We thought we could do it better!

However, they lose focus on the customer.  I'm a bit of an old soul, I still believe in face to face meets (if you can).  I believe in going above and beyond for a client (whether they paid for that service or not - within reason).

Like I stated before, I'm Different

A fictional famous ad man once said...

     "Advertising is based on one thing: HAPPINESS!"
    Ya know what? Im NOT Happy >>
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    "What Else Do You Do"

    Many times I have clients who will ask me if I can do {this} or {that}....

    What do you need done?

    Radio/TV/Video Ads?
    Something cool I have even thought of yet?

    I can do simple websites, landing pages, or even creating your social pages.  But I also have clients who ask me to do anything and everything under the marketing sun!

    I will do everything, you give me a budget (including paying me) and I will do everything inclusive to that.

    I've done:
    • Marketing Events
    • Golf Tournaments
    • Mailers/Post Cards
    • Speaking Engagements
    • Promotional Products (ie SWAG)
    • Beer stuff!
    • Flyers and Business cards
    • Candy with your logo on it?
    • Vinyls, Wraps, Stickers
    • Billboards
    • WHATEVER MARKETS YOU to who you need to be marketed to!!!
    I Need To Meet This Guy! >>